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The H'el on Earth is a two part arc (so far) from what I have read in Johnson's latest Supergirl interview, on September 21st. I get the feeling the old is she or isn't she going to go evil storyline is going to be played again, along with a variation of the Matrix Supergirl later this year too.

If you compare the Diamond Comics Distributors Top 100 Sales List for July and August there was a steep 11 slot drop in sales on the Supergirl series. From the 66 to 77 level in sales.

Gee, I wonder why?


I just started reading Supergirl so I'm a novice, and don't know the history - thanks so much for reading and putting it into perspective - also, love the art! Very cool.


IMO the reason this Supergirl series is rapidly sinking is because the character is Katniss Everden (the Hunger Games series) in emotion and spirit, wearing the Supergirl outfit.

I don't want it to be artificially sweet but being edgy and realistic for the mere sake of it, isn't working for it.


Wow - that is a really good point. So if I were to go back and read some other Supergirl runs - what would you suggest?


The Gates and Igle Supergirl Supergirl of the last series issues are a good place in my opinion. The issues immediately after are worth reading too.

the issues before the Gates and Igle ones are a real mixed bag of mostly bad, mediocre to illogical story telling. I recommend you go to your public library and get the trade paper back books from there to SAVE you a lot of money that way. I know it did for me. I was surprised to learn many public libraries now carry tpb of comics and graphic novels for the public.

Gates was blackballed off of Supergirl so Nick Spencer could take it over. IMO from the twitters and info bits from the comic book websites suggest Spencer played DC and Marvel off of each other to get a bigger and better slice of pie from Marvel but it and the James Peaty issues are still worth reading very, very much.

I would recommend reading it through to the Kelly Sue DeConnick issues. Now she would have been a wonderful Supergirl writer who had a all too brief run on it to finish the series off before the pathetic Flashpoint series happened.

When you read it it clear DeConnick had deep detailed plans for Kara and her collage life if it had been allowed to happen. So sad she had to cram it all into the last issue.


I also recommend the Tiny Titans and the Superman Family Adventures series. Both are all ages and have quite a few Supergirl (and other DC characters) Easter Eggs in them for the older readers.

Tiny Titans was cancelled last year but the same writer and artist are on the Superman Family Adventures series.

TPB are available for Tiny Titans.

Kofla Olivieri

Interesting blog!


I have so much good reading - these sound awesome, I've got Gail Simone/Birds of Prey years lined up. Also - I LOVE Superman Family Adventures and Tiny Titans. I have 2 kids and we read them together. I especially love SG as portrayed in Superman FA. She gets a lot of super-action.


Glad you and your kids are enjoying TT and SFA series.

Could you email me I have something you might be interested in knowing about. Nothing bad or naughty I promise you. You can find me through the DeviantArt.com website.


I'm curious what's your verdict on Supergirl #13 and what you think about it. Will you be dropping it or keep on reading it?


Geez, if you just didn't care for Supergirl before the H'el on Earth crossover event between the Super Family. You'll will HATE it!!!

They have turned Supergirl into a TOTAL angry, idiot for it!

When they make a volume of Supergirl of the 14 to 17 issues it will be a understandable mess to follow.

This is a crossover event where you have to to go from one series to another in order to understand what is going on. There has been a couple of good issues but overall not worth it.

Glad I'm buying any issues of it. A friend is letting me read his issues.

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