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You and I have already talked about this a lot, but I am fascinated by what is going on in the story and how this will affect WW as a character. And deep down I hope that the Amazons are redeemed in some way, and un-snake-ified.

Susanna Baird

Add this to the to-read list. Excellent. I so wish I had more than 10 hours a week to devote to this stuff.



so wait when women are rapists its okay ? look hooney since you are a extremist bitch ill be extremist to look whore i dont want to dwell into reaol life and the meaning of this i mean real life empires used women like that...where i am geting at is i am stupid and i dont want to involve real life who does it either sex is to be burned....and i have a fantazy for killing rapists and pedophiles in real life and in fan fic..but now i cant have doubel standards...for example i wanted to see hentai rapists get raped by zombies as poetic irony for wonder bitch i want her like prometheus to be drowned and killed and reborn again for all eternety like her other wonder bitches oh and superfag to fuck you

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